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launch in style.

Collection of latest and secure features, makes your task real simple

Our Best Features

Our goal is to power innovation, and build better solutions

Built over Cloud servers

When it comes to performance, then there is nothing better than cloud computing which can easily handle the performance spikes or the ease of scalability.

We have orchesterated its potential on every server we own.

Security Inbuilt

Whenever we talk about IT infrastructure, then security becomes prominent for any IT solutions, specially which involve financial handshake.

FirewallD, Fail2ban, CalmAV, Spamassasin etc are some of our implementations.

Fully Managed solution

Forget the hassles of monitoring your servers, we have taken every essential steps to make the operations smooth and give you an up time of 99.99 % .

So your site is always up and running.

Feature rich control panel

An intuitive and easy to use Control Panel with the features ranging from Sites, Dashboard, Emails, Domains, Orders, Projects and many more.

Have a quick look over the features here

Pre installed Plugins

Our team of dedicated Wordpress experts have optimally selected the best plugins to enhance the capabilities of Wordpress, making it more useful.

LiteSpeed Cache, WP-CLI etc are some of the examples.

Daily Backups

We backup your Files, Database, Emails every night, in a cumulative manner, so that whenever required the backup can be restored quickly

These backups are available with every plan and for every site.

Full Features

Our emphasis is on quality and better deliverability.

Cloud Solutions

  • Every site you create is deployed over cloud
  • Increase your CPU, RAM, Storage at any point of time
  • Our team takes the full control to deliver best uptime for your site
  • We are consistently building our infrastructure to add more and more data centers

Performance in-built

  • Our platform is optimized to give best performance to your Wordpress site.
  • Choose a solution of Shared resources or Dedicated resources on the go.
  • Servers built over SSD platform, delivers 300% faster iops.
  • Continuous updates of WordPress core software and security features


  • FirewallD, Fail2Ban, Spamassasin, PHP 7+ and many more, keep up the server secure always
  • Every website comes with a Free SSL certificate from letsencrypt, but if you wish to install other certificate, we would be happy to assist.
  • All done at backend by our dedicated security team
  • Restore your cumulative backups anytime

Added features

  • Install you favourite WordPress site with a single click. Advanced options also available to configure your installation.
  • We have done every thing for you, just start using our platform and forget about any technical/coding hassles.
  • Install you favourite WordPress site with a single click. Advanced options also available to configure your installation.
  • Every plan comes with minimum 5 email accounts, so you don't have to worry about additional cost of emails
  • Every install of WordPress comes with a set of preinstalled plugins, necessary to give better user experience